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Artistic direction : Philippe Pelen Baldini

The journey of a man looking for connection with himself and nature.

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11th May 2018 at Ahmedabad


13th May 2018 at Delhi

Dance | Theatre 

4th May 2018 at Trivandrum

6th May 2018 at Chennai

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15th May 2018 at Kolkata

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Show inspired by the oldest martial art in the world: 

To create an immersive experience for the audience by bringing together   dance, theatre, music, video, eco- friendly architecture and sustainable living with the ancient science and art of Kalaripayattu as the base.

To make a deep and critical research on the ancient knowledge of Kalaripayattu, carefully handed down to us across generations and revive the same while combining it with the use of modern technology to inspire and fascinate people from all walks of life.

To re-explore in depth, the connection between self, nature, earth and environment.


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Up coming performances

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8th May 2018 at Bombay